Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Women Wash Dishes?

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  Why Women Wash Dishes?
      The story of this,was a couple in the place lived on Santa Rosa, named Hugo and Imelda. Every mealtime they always quarrel over the chore of washing dishes. They always fight about it, and every time Hugo resist to wash the dishes, Imelda made him angry and she will scold Hugo with her broom and chase him with it, and he will ran through his compadre and hide under the table, waiting his wife to be calm.


      At last, Hugo had an idea, he planned to have a deal with his wife, he made a wager for whoever speak first when he said the word begin then the first person to say the word will be declared as loose in the wage and will wash the dishes anytime and every time they eat. Then it all deal, they neither move nor eat, they a

  NOT YET END.....

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